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Jules Winchester

Jules Winchester is a gifted and unique composer with a pure alto singing voice that relaxes and inspires. Having met and worked alongside some of the most respected musicians and singers in the industry including Sam Brown, singing with Doris Brendal, Aitch McRobbie,

Julie Harrington and also collaborating with Richard Durrant. Jules has honed her craft, delivering music that is both unique and emotional.

‘I am proud to have had the opportunity to perform at various open mic nights across Sussex, showcasing my music to enthusiastic audiences. I was also honoured to be a special guest at the Brighton Fringe, where I received a fantastic reception.

One of the highlights of my musical journey has been working with singer Doris Brendel on her album 'The Last Adventure'. I was honored to be invited to sing backing vocals on this incredible project.

 My music has been featured on SHR Radio, where I was interviewed about my sound and inspiration and they continue to play my songs’.

Jules' albums are a true reflection of her talent and dedication to her craft. With five albums under her belt, including the critically acclaimed 'A Stranger In Your Home Town', Jules has established herself as a unique and noteworthy artist. 

Her collaboration with Richard Durrant is a testament to her willingness to push the boundaries of her music. 

"I like the fact," says Durrant, "that the first notes on Jules' album are played on the Paraguayan harp. The cameo appearance by this unusual and exotic instrument typifies the musical freedom we enjoyed in making this CD.

  Jules' songs certainly don't sound like they were written in a small Sussex village – and nor do my arrangements give away any clues as to their provenance.

Working with Jules was very special. I wish her luck with her new projects. Absolutely beautiful material and a stunning voice"

 Past signings have been with, Sky Rocket Publishing and Longman Records. Through dedication and hard work, I've been able to achieve goals that once seemed impossible’. 

 Jules’ has be featured in international country music magazine 'Maverick' as well as internationally recognised music magazine

'Pennyblack Music'. 

 ‘I’ve had the pleasure of working on various music projects throughout the years, and I am excited to continue creating and sharing music with the world.

Music is my life, and I am currently working on some collaborations with Singer/Songwriter Glenn Prangnell of Medway based 'Groovy Uncle', which will be released on both our upcoming albums.


As a musician, I'm passionate about exploring and creating new sounds. But there's more to life than music, and one thing that's close to my heart is mental health. That's why I'm proud to be part of the crisis support team for Shout, a charity that helps people in a mental health crisis. Giving back is so important and it's one way I can make a difference in people's lives’.

Passionate and creative, get a taste of her innovative sound and support an

independent artist who dares to be different.

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